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Community Ministry

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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New Huddle Ideas

As FCA staff we are always looking for new ways to serve and minister in our communities. We try to think outside the box and are currently looking for ideas directed towards ministering to those participating in what some might call “non traditional or adventure sports " sports and activities. Things like rodeo, equestrian, skiing, skateboarding, outdoors (hunting fishing, shooting) and many more. If you have an idea for how we can serve in these or any other arenas you think of, please contact your local FCA Staff:  Central Oregon Multi Area Director Randy Hutchins at, or in Redmond contact Mike Elam at

Coaches Wives FCA

Coaches wives FCA Huddle meets twice each month to study "Just Ask", Devotions for the coach's wife by Sarah Roberts.Led by huddle coach Patty Weddel. Email for more information

Patty Weddel

Favorite Bible story: I love the story in Luke 23:39-43
when a criminal hanging next to Jesus said to Him,
“Remember me when You come into Your kingdom!” All it
took for Jesus to say, “Today you shall be with me in
paradise,” was a heart change toward the Lord understanding
that he was in need of a Savior, and the One
hanging next to Him was God!

Favorite thing about FCA: Participating in sports allows one
to learn commitment, how to handle winning and losing, and
learning to be part of a team. These all can be challenging,
but when applying faith through them all, there can be many
life lessons learned; the most important being a close
relationship with Jesus!

I follow Jesus because: He is my HOPE! I couldn’t live without Him.
*Psalm 91
*running & walking
*sipping coffee in the morning