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Don't mock Tim Tebow
By William J. Bennett, CNN Contributor
updated 12:02 PM EST, Tue December 6, 2011

(CNN) -- Sports loom large in the public's mind today. From the Penn State and Syracuse scandals to the upcoming BCS Bowl Series and the NFL playoffs, much attention is being paid to our athletes and coaches.

...Tebow is a good man and a good football player. He's a man of character, faith and integrity. He's also a Heisman Trophy winner, a two-time BCS national champion and arguably one of the greatest college football players of all time.

...Tebow is a role model for sports fans everywhere. But instead of lifting him up, too many commentators, critics and even fellow athletes mock and deride him and hope that he fails.

The latest example is "Tebowing," where one kneels in prayer with his or her head bent in mockery of Tebow's usual touchdown celebration prayer...

Critics have a problem with who Tebow is as a man. They are bothered by his faith, character and conviction.

...Men such as Tebow are not in over supply. Despite what his critics say, he should not stop what he is doing. We need men like him, the type of men many fathers would want their daughters to marry and many mothers would want their sons to grow up to be.