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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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FCA wants to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to support the ministry of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. All gifts go toward your local area unless specified.

Your gift can be designated to any number of FCA programs including:

Local FCA Area
FCA will also make sure that your gift is credited to the staff person in your local area so your investment will make a difference where you live.

Local Camp Scholarship Fund
This fund allows you to make it possible for student athletes to attend FCA Camp who would not be able to do so otherwise.

One Way 2 Play -- Drug Free! Program
One Way 2 Play is FCA's unique faith-based program targeted at keeping youth away from the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol by helping them find strength and guidance in Jesus Christ. Help bring this program to your area.

Gift Planning - Give Anything!
We can help you donate anything the IRS allows, which includes cars, boats, RV's, cattle, collectibles, etc. and the value of those items is turned into cash for local FCA staff.

Thank you for your support of FCA!

Click here if you would like to support your local FCA,

God has done everything to my life this week. He changed me around to focus my life on righteousness. He has helped me be the best I can be, He taught me to help others and put Him first before everything, to sacrifice my life for Him and no matter what anyone says, stay with God and your life will be filled with richness and love.  (Camp testimonial)