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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Mark Schulz


Mt View HS FCA

MVHS Football Chaplain

Favorite Biblical Story: The story of John the Baptist. The image of a burly guy wearing camels hair and eating locusts and wild honey. His boldness to speak the truth to the Pharisees and Sadducee, "Brood of vipers". The story gives me inspiration to be bold in my faith. Matthew 3.

Best Spiritual Advice: "Stay VERTICAL! Keep your eyes and thoughts on our Father in Heaven."

Favorite thing about FCA: "I spend one lunch a week with my huddle leaders. It is a time to disciple and encourage them. Our conversations are always rewarding and fruitful. It makes me very thankful for them and their dedication."

I follow Jesus because: "He chose me to be a soldier and servant for Him to others."

FAVES: 2 Timothy 3:17, fly fishing, family, food, Woodlawn

Aaron Jones 

Lapine MS/HS FCA

Nathan Saito


Redmond HS FCA

Favorite Bible Story: Jesus Wept. (John 11:35) Jesus taught so much in the shortest verse in the Bible. He wept not only for Lazarus, not only for Lazarus' friends but for the plight of all mankind. Jesus also provided the example of how we ought to live, loving others as Christ loved us with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. And as coaches, teachers and parents to shepherd the hearts of the young ones in our lives.

Quality Of Jesus Worth Emulating:Jesus was The Teacher. Jesus taught truth, challenged thinking, inspired hope and changed lives forever. We as coaches, teachers and parents have the awesome responsibility to teach and emulate God's truth and love to our youth.

Favorite Thing About FCA: FCA is a place for kids to have fun, find fellowship, be real, ask questions, think deeply, do life together and find hope and joy and purpose in Christ.

I Follow Jesus Because: . . .Life is enigmatic, brief as a puff of smoke, and much that we do is futile, vanity. So what really matters in this life? Jesus' life and teachings give us purpose for this life and bright hope for tomorrow. Growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ is sufficient and satisfying.

FAVES: Isaiah 55:11, God's promises are true, powerful and dependable, Dead Poet's Society,Time with Family and Old Friends

Jerell Carper


Favorite Bible Story: I love the end of the book of Acts which tells about Paul’s sailing adventure to the city of Rome. His ship crashes, he survives a poisonous snake bite, and God works in real, tangible ways to allow Paul to eventually share the good news to those in Rome. It’s movie-worthy epic.

Favorite Thing About FCA: I attended FCA when I was in High School, and I’ve always appreciated the centering reminder of Jesus during my week of High School. It’s also encouraging to get to know other students who love Jesus but attend other churches or youth groups.

I Follow Jesus Because: I’ve experienced what it’s like to believe the good news and live into his Kingdom on earth. He is restorative to all parts of creation, including me, and that’s good news that can change lives!

FAVES: Activities: Dirt bikes, mountain biking, soccer, adventures.

 Scripture: Psalm 1, Romans 12, and the whole books of Genesis, Proverbs, and James

John Spinelli


Culver MS FCA

Favorite Biblical Story: The Parable of the Prodigal Son because it teaches us that there is nothing we can do that will stop God from loving us. No matter our past, or the bad things we have done, He is always there with open arms to welcome us back when we repent and turn our hearts towards Him.

Favorite thing about FCA: FCA is always the highlight of my week because I get to see firsthand middle school students drawing closer to Jesus every time we meet. I especially love how FCA draws in kids who don't attend church, and how they are able to hear about Christ's love for the first time in their lives.

I follow Jesus because: I couldn't imagine going through this world without Him. Without His Spirit and His presence, I don't know how I would survive in this day and age.

FAVES:Proverbs 3:5-6 ,UCLA football and basketball, tri tip, Braveheart, the Rose Bowl, fall

Brad Wooledge 

Culver HS FCA

Favorite Biblical Story:The story of Jesus and the demoniac (Mark 5: 1-20) gives an example of a person who was beyond all hope of even finding hope. The passage shows that even the most severely defeated person can be completely restored - through Christ alone.

Favorite thing about FCA: The students, as Christians in a public school setting, can find a place of fellowship where their identity is valued in a time when many young Christians feel like they need to keep their heads low.

I follow Jesus because: He forgives me and loves me even as I tell him why he shouldn't. Then he helps me to offer the same to others

Faves: John 14:6, RC Cola, hockey, reading/hiking, Summer Wars

Contact Randy Hutchins for current Huddle meeting schedules: Randy 541-409-7000unknown.png